The History of Insight and Intuition

The School of Insight and Intuition in S.W. London, was opened in May 1996, with the mission statement to implement the work into the main – stream, especially education. Part of the school’s intention was also to bring a comprehensive training in the psychic and healing arts.

Less than two years after the School’s opening I was asked to do a research project at Surrey University in psycho-spiritual development, which had a profound effect of the framework and content of the courses. Increasingly, along side the other facilitators, experts in course design and my own research, the courses took further shape.

After five years we were able to offer the courses to several universities, including Middlesex and Westminster University, where it was part of a BSc in Health. We also implemented part of the courses in FE colleges. Our programme allowed many of our students to go on to practising the work, some of these in other countries.

During this time we had nine facilitators and thousands students from all walks of life and beliefs, coming together in a spirit of harmony. It was joyful as we watched students progress, blossom and unfold into a life of greater purpose and love.

I was principal for 14 years before handing it over, when, for family reasons, I moved to France.

We were increasingly being asked to convert the courses for the internet, so to that end, a group of the I&I facilitators met together in France to re-arrange the programme, we then slightly changed the name to ‘Insight and Intuition International’. In 2020 we started in earnest the Zoom courses.

Although there have been many improvements and we have added to the courses along its 26 year history, the principle is the same, which is to help each individual to find deeper aspects of themselves and trust their ‘inner tuition’, for a more complete life.

We now offer a five stage programme, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the students (from whom we learned a great deal) , facilitators and advise we received from many different quarters. Some of the facilitators join us in our new journey: A journey of adventure and Unfoldment of Self.

There are so many people who have helped along the way and I send my thanks to them all. Special thanks go to Professor Richard Baille, Anthony Chiva, and Wendy Duldig. Alison Hussey and Dr. Brian Isbel,

Julie Soskin

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