More to Life

More to Life is an ongoing series of programmes with panelists from different backgrounds to discuss and throw light on a wide range of subjects. Hoping to enlighten with lively and stimulating conversations.

A Wake up Call?

10th December 4.30pm UK time. £6

With the world in a state of flux, our panelists will discuss the massive changes across the planet and hope to throw light onto our possible futures.

Paraphrasing the words of Christopher Fry from the Sleep of Prisoners:

Our time is now, when wrong comes up to face us everywhere. Never to leave us til we take, the longest stride we can ever take, Affairs are now soul size. The enterprise is exploration into God. It takes so many thousand years to wake but will you wake for pity’s sake?

Hardin Tibbs
has been a professional futurist since the early 1990s, working on industry evolution, new technologies, product innovation, environmental issues, and cultural change. Clients include corporations, government agencies and non-profits in Europe, the US and Australasia.

Vanilla Beer M.A. B.A. Fellow of the Cybernetics Society and a Fellow of the RSA; holds various arts diplomas and awards plus a Ba in Theological Studies (Greenwich University) and an Ma in Western Esotericism (Exeter University).

Marcus Williamson is a British writer, journalist and campaigner. As an obituarist for the Independent he has written obituaries of more than 400 subjects, including artists, poets, musicians, actors and inventors.

Professor Richard Baillie PhD. Works full time as an academic professor at King’s College UK and Michigan State University US. He is interested in a wide range of spiritual issues and their relationship with the physical world. He has been involved with Insight and Intuition International for many years giving valuable support.

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