About I&I

About Insight & Intuition

Advisory Group: Julie Soskin M. Phil, Professor Richard Baillie BSc. MSc. PhD. Dr. Brian Isbell, Wendy Duldig and Alison Hussey.

First opened in 1996, Insight and Intuition (I&I) was originally designed to create an educational intuitive development course that could be implemented at FE colleges and universities. This was achieved at Westminster University with our pioneering validated BSc Degree modules. The I&I programme have been implemented in other educational establishments including being used as an Onward Personal Development course.

It quickly became clear that the I&I programme supplied transferable skill sets for many other diverse occupations including those from the business community and leadership positions. Developing intuitive skills allows each individual a sense of knowing and confidence that can be utilized in both personal and working environments.

In an ever changing world, there is a greater need for the raising of consciousness of the individual and for the world.

The Insight and Intuition Programme uses a combination of methods, including simple meditations, transpersonal exercises, developing intuition and constant feedback for the individual’s needs. The group dynamic holds an important role in the process and I&I facilitators are fully trained, experienced and professional. In an unpredictable, volatile and ever changing world it provides the important life skills and resilience needed for a better life.


  • To meet the growing need in society to assist people in connecting with their core consciousness, enabling them to access their intuition and creativity.
  • To offer an approach to the current mind-sets and culture, in order to maximise potential from a more productive and empowering position.

Participants will be encouraged to:

  1. Open up to, and recognise expansive thinking, so that they can work confidently from a place of strength within their own integrity, in both their personal and professional life.
  2. Break through limiting mind-sets and practices to access a place of effortless progress and achievement.
  3. Create more harmonious and productive personal relationships for themselves and the greater community.
  4. Navigate everyday challenges and dilemmas to find positive resolutions.
  5. Find harmony and peace within.


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