The Insight and Intuition Learning Programme

The Insight and Intuition courses (I&I) work on the principle of dissolving what obscures connection to our intuition. We consistently work with the lived experience of the individual.

To celebrate Insight and Intuition’s 25th anniversary all courses in 2021 will have a reduction of 25%

The Self And Tarot Revealed

Four one-hour sessions each week: £80 (Anniversary reduction £60)

The Tarot has a long history, with the oldest known pack from Italy in the 1400’s . They have been connected to many beliefs and practises, including the Cabbala, Carl Jung’s archetypes and Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey. In this course, the pictorial images of the 22 major arcana are used as a meditation tool and are particularly useful for those new to meditation. They can encourage the student to find out more about themselves on various levels including the deeper meanings of life’s journey. This short course is open to anyone at any stage and, although recommended, it is not compulsory to start the I&I programme. It can be extremely helpful to attend these sessions at any stage of your psycho-spiritual journey.

Unfoldment 1

Six one hour sessions each week £120 (Anniversary reduction £ 90)

This acclaimed step-by-step course offers important life skills for any area of life and living, as well as grounding for psycho-spiritual work. It provides techniques and meditational exercises for optimum use of energies and well-being. During these courses, safe methods are taught that allow negativities, which obscure ones true self, to be cleared. This then enables connection to one's own inner tuition.

Unfoldment 2.

Six One and a quarter hour sessions each week £120 (Anniversary reduction £ 90)

Building on the knowledge from the earlier stage this course furthers alignment to subtle energies for the expansion of intuition taking the student into deeper discovery of self. We also identify the different levels of energies and how to use them productively.

Contents for Unfoldment 1&2 include:

Models of energy, techniques in meditation, mindfulness and observational skills, training intuitive faculties, self and healing exercises, mechanics of energy, releasing old patterns, use of will and merging with spiritual forces.

Higher Consciousness:

Six-hour sessions each week. £120. (Anniversary reduction £ 90)

This course helps integrate the experiential knowledge, to further the student towards full spiritual union. Having completed the previous modules these in-depth sessions aids the raising of consciousness, both for the individual and the world. This course is largely self-directed and we suggest students take it more than once. Each week is different depending on the needs of the students present.

Contents include working with ‘Serving Humanity’ Alice Bailey.

A Path to Oneness

Once a year course six sessions £120 (Anniversary reduction £ 90)

This is for a selected number of students for those who have explored extensive spiritual self- development and are working towards oneness with all things. Contents will vary as to the needs of the each individual.

All these courses are non denominational. 'Spiritual' refers to the spirit or core of the individual. All are Welcome

Up and coming dates:

  • Self and Tarot Revealed: 23rd October 2021 11.00am GMT
  • Unfoldment 1: 11th Sept 2021 at 4pm GMT
  • Unfoldment 2: 6th November 2021 4.00pm GMT
  • Higher Consciousness: 9th Sept 2021 at 5pm GMT.
  • A Path to Oneness. Date to be confirmed.

Please note, due to the global participants some times may alter.
(Staggered payments accepted and occasional bursaries available to those with genuine financial difficulties)


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